Listen With Your Life

“Putting Money In Its Place”

“Don’t Worry”

Judge Without Being Judgmental

“The Greatest of All Gifts…Forgiveness”


“Watch & Pray”

Our Daily Bread

Hallowed Be Your Name

“Your Kingdom Come”

“Bigger than Big, Closer than Close”

“Our Father”

“An Audience of One”

“Don’t Play Fair”

“Marriage Matters”

“Loving God and Loving Others”

“Love Back”

“Living An Honest Life”

“Salt Talk”

“Contempt Kills”

“Personal Damage Control”

“Formed, Not Just Informed”

“Faithful, Not Predictable”

“The God Pleasers”

“Pursuing Peace”

“Blessed are the Stone-Turners”

“Showing God Mercy”

“Hunger Pangs”

“Good Grief”

“Tough Minded and Tender Hearted”

“The Fortunate Unfortunate”




“Hope for a New Year”

“God’s Got This!”

“The True Meaning of Christmas”

“Real Love Changes Everything”

“Faithful not Predictable”

“Still God’s Child”

“Pervasive Peace”

“Your Prayers Are Too Small”

“Life’s About to Get Good”

“Overflowing Hope”

“Reaching Out Along the Journey: Go First!”

“Positive Disillusionment”

“Finding Love in La La Land”

“What is Home to You”

“Loving the Least”

“Finding Friendship”

“Beauty from Brokenness”

“Family Reunion”


“From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary”

“Forgotten & Forsaken”

“Life’s Not Fair”

“Path to Spiritual Growth and Maturity”

“For God So Loved This World?!?”

“God is Up to Something”

“Going There”

“Misplaced Trust”

“Getting God’s Ear”

“Pants on Fire”

“The Waiting Room”

“Blessed are the Peacemakers”

“Giving and Gaining”

“Ever Present Help”

“Not Your Throne”

“Get Right with God”

“A Cure for Chaos”

“Dealing With Doubt”

“A Beautiful Life”

“Taming the Untamable”


“Holy Hunches”

“Real Faith Works”

“The Man in the Mirror”

“What Would James Do?”

“Don’t Talk With Your Mouth Full”

“Good Good Father”

“Play the Movie”

“In God We Trust?”

“Seeking & Forsaking Wisdom”

“What Suffering Causes”

“Give Through Your Life”

“Christ’s Yoke”


“Enough is Enough”

“Stewardship of Our Vision & Voice”

“What’s Wrong?”

“The Grace of Giving”

“Blessed to Be a Blessing”

“In Greed We Trust”

“Misunderstanding Money”

“Your Kingdom Come”

“What Happens”


“Praying Your Anger”

“3 Steps Toward Utopia”

“Talking to Myself”

“Never Stop Learning”

“The Power of Passion”

“Blessing Blinds”

“Check Yourself”

“Stick The Landing”

“The Power of Sex”

“Blessed Are The Truth Tellers”

“Are You Doing Everything You Can?”

“The Suffering Church”

“Adventures in Missing the Point”

“Crops, Cattle, Cousins & Christ’s Love”

“Sharing Someone’s Suffering”

“Gentle Like Jesus”

“A Well-Fed Mind?”

“Hakuna Matata”

“Rejoice Always”

“Family Feud”

“A Disciple of a Disciple”

“Press On”

“The World’s Greatest Sinner”

“Joy Is Spelled G-R-A-C-E”

“People on a Pedestal”

“Shake it Off”

“The Scent of Grace”

“Don’t Give Up on God”

“Follow His Lead”

“It’s Not About Me”

“Walk Worthy”

“Eternity Begins Now”

“Inspirational Suffering”

“Love Smart”

“It’s Never Lonely at the Top”

“Let Go”

“Amazing Grace & Peace”

“Together for the Kingdom”

“Real Love”

“The Fierce Tenderness of God”

“Provision in Our Problems”

“God’s Got You”

“Rethinking Things”

“A Valley Darker Than Death”

“Right Paths”

“Let God Reset Your Soul”

“Everything You Need” (Park City)


“Everything You Need”

“Jesus Weeps Too”

“You’re Not Alone”

“Love is Louder”

“Defined or Refined?”

“Have Courage & Be Kind”

“The Battle Inside”

“Live Like You Have a Shepherd”

“Thanks in the Middle”

“Wise Leaders Listen”

“Sin Lies”

“Despite Us, God Moves”

“The Table”

“A Game of Jenga”

“Out of the Mud and Mire”

“David & the Ark”

“Good Grief”

“Rest Your Soul”

“Blessed to Be a Blessing”

“Between a Rock & a Hard Place”

“Love Back”

“Community for a Cave Dweller”

“Sin in the Sanctuary”

“Seeing in the Dark”

“Everybody Loves David”

“The Battle Is the Lord’s”

“My Times Are in His Hands”

“Seeing Into Your Soul”

“The Beginning”

“God Is Up to Something”

“Part of God’s Story”

“Love Listens”

“The Door Is Open”

“The Prison of People Pleasing”

“A Wretch Like Pete”

“Let This Cup Pass”

“That’s Enough”

“Everybody Can Be Great”

“Every Meal A Moment”

“Living Like It’s the Last Days”

“How Good It Is”

“Decontaminating the Christian Mind”

“Delighting in His Decrees”

“Living Life Open Handed”

“When His Words Bother You”

“Gods Loving Anger”

“The Untriumphal Entry”

“Gods Investment In You”

“Zacchaeus Finds a Friend”

“Seeing the World Differently”

“Redeeming Pain”

“In God We Trust?”

“Humbled by Pride”

“Trusting Now and Later”


“Watch Yourself”

“Marriage Matters”

“What We Do Now Matters”

“Putting Money in its Place”

“The Unleashing of the Shrewd”

“The Other Wayward Son”

“The Prodigal Father”

“The Search”

“Count the Cost”

“Assuming the Best”

“Loving Right & Right Loving”

“The Narrow Door”

“Big Things in Little Ways”

“Worthless Religion”

“Getting Right With God”

“Counting on You”

“Two Kinds of Greed”

“Know Fear, Know God”

“Looking vs Being”

“Take Your Soul Seriously”

“Obedience is Abundance”

“Big Bold Prayers”

“Playing With Fire”

“Forgiven and Forgiving”

“Forgive Us Our Sins”

“Our Daily Bread”

“Your Kingdom Come”

“Hallowed Be Your Name”


“Doing & Being”

“The Wrong Question”

“Your Turn”

“No Ifs, Ands, or Buts”

“How to Be Awesome”

“Help My Unbelief”

“The Glory of Jesus”

“Die Before You Die”

“Given to Give”

“Trust His Timing”

“Everybody Has a Prayer”

“Where is Your Faith?”

“Learning to Listen”

“Feeling Forgiven”

“Great Expectations”

“The Last Word”

“Amazing Faith”

“Tending the Tree”

“The Problem of Plankeye”

“Break the Cycle”

“Pity the Prosperous”

“By Our Love”

“Bad Religion”

“Something New”

“Dr. Jesus”

“Through the Roof”

“Infected by Jesus”

“Letting Go”

“Walking by Faith”

“The Jurisdiction of Jesus”

“A Word of Warning”

“Tempted But Trusting”

“The Hope for Humanity”

“Turn or Burn”

“Perplexed but Pondering”

“Keep Hoping”

“Not Much Ado About Something”

“God Is Up to Something”

“The Song of Mary”

“Let It Be”

“Frustrated but Faithful”

“Doubters Welcome”

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