Perched above, the Sea of Galilee below, his disciples listening in—Jesus shares the longest stretch of instruction for life that was as riveting and relevant then as it is today. The Sermon on the Mount reveals the secrets of life. God didn’t hand us a system of rules and regulations to follow; instead, Jesus explains how God originally intended us to live. In this series, we’ll sit at the feet of Jesus with the first disciples, peeling back each layer of Matthew 5-7, to discover that God isn’t interested in modifying our behavior to conform to his standards. He wants us to become the kind of people who will naturally live the way He intended. He plans to change us from the Inside Out.


Judge Without Being Judgmental

“The Greatest of All Gifts…Forgiveness”


“Watch & Pray”

Our Daily Bread

Hallowed Be Your Name

“Your Kingdom Come”

“Our Father”

“An Audience of One”

“Don’t Play Fair”

“Marriage Matters”

“Loving God and Loving Others”

“Love Back”

“Living An Honest Life”

“Salt Talk”

“Contempt Kills”

“Personal Damage Control”

“Formed, Not Just Informed”

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