Guatemala Mission: Needed Contributions

Thank you very much for all the donated items and funds you gave. Our partners at Iglesia Galilea in San Lucas are so grateful! Please know we hand delivered your contributions on our recent mission trip to Guatemala, and they are making a tremendous difference for the people we partner with there!

Throughout the year, please consider designating offerings to our Guatemala mission projects. All money will benefit people in the communities we partner with in Guatemala. ( and select “Guatemala Projects” in the ‘TO:” field).

Missions Outreach: Guatemala

Capital began partnering with Hungry for Life ( in 2013 to reach the Guatemalan communities of San Lucas, Membrillal and Zapote. Our first mission team served in July 2013 and teams return annually. We continue to deepen our relationship with our field partners, local pastors and the people we love and serve.

We also currently sponsor six children in attending school in Membrillal through His Hands for Guatemala ( If you’d like to write our kids or learn more about child sponsorship, please email us at


Guatemala experienced a brutal civil war that began in 1960 and ended in 1996 yet the country still hasn’t recovered. During this war, state and military forces destroyed nearly 700 villages, sent death squads, and displaced nearly a million people in Guatemala. The great majority of people killed were of Mayan descent. This legacy of inhumanity is a major contributor to the continued murder, violence against women, and other crimes throughout the country.

In many regions of Guatemala work is hard to come by, especially in the smaller towns and villages. The main industries are coffee plantations, garment factories, agriculture, and construction. Minimum daily wages are extremely low. The communities reached by Capital’s team remain some of the poorest, with unemployment rates of up to 75% and a population consisting of many orphans and widows. Approximately 49% of children in Guatemala are chronically malnourished. This is the fourth highest rate in the world.

Guatemala Projects

In these regions, many families cook over open flames. This causes their homes to be continually filled with smoke and creates a variety of health issues. Over the last five years, our Capital teams have constructed new homes and built brick stoves that are ventilated to the outside. We have helped build a brand new school and church in Membrillal, and we have hosted a first-ever Women’s Conference. In addition to these activities, our teams are now hosting community festivals in San Lucas and Membrillal to bring together people of all ages to worship, play, and learn about what God is doing!

While each trip has a unique focus, each team seeks to offer support, education, and hope. Our purpose is not to do an American work in Guatemala, but to come alongside our Guatemalan brothers and sisters to support and encourage them in the work they are already doing.

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