“Beauty from Brokenness”

SPEAKER: Troy Champ

It may be hard to believe, but God makes beauty from brokenness. Knowing this, trusting this, believing this about God, is often the first step toward forgiveness. Is there anyone you need to forgive? Life is painful. Often a person is attached to our pain. And when there’s another person involved, healing can be a lot harder. Whoever you blame for you pain, understanding this truth about God will free you from the burden of bitterness. May you find the faith to forgive, by putting your trust in God–who makes beauty from brokenness.


Ask God to help you forgive.

Ask someone to forgive you.

Take responsibility for your healing.

Luke 6:27-31, Romans 12:9-21,

Book Recommendations:
“Free of Charge” by Miroslav Volf,
“The Art of Forgiving” by Lewis Smedes

Verse: Romans 8:28
We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him

Primary text: Genesis 45-50
Other texts in this message: Romans 8:28, Luke 6:27-31, Romans 12:9-21


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Troy Champ, Closer Than You Think, Genesis 45-50, Romans 8:28, Luke 6:27-31, Romans 12:9-21, Beauty from Brokenness

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