“An Audience of One”

SPEAKER: Troy Champ

Our culture teaches us to become experts in the art of perception management. We obsess over optics. How we look and what people think of us often matters too much. So, how do we learn to recognize and root out the need for perception management, recognition, and approval? When we are tempted to do good to look good, Jesus offers this advice: Keep your good deeds to yourself.

The principal is about motives. If in your efforts to please God, you impress people that’s not a problem. It’s only a problem if that’s your agenda.


Confession “I am a perception manager”

Prayer “Free me from the desperate need for acknowledgement”

Secrecy “Do something good for someone secretly”

Book Recommendation:

“So Long Insecurity” by Beth Moore This book will help you say so long to insecurity and embrace all the great traits and characteristics that make you unique and wonderful.

Primary text: Matthew 6:5
Other texts in this message: Matthew 23:5, Matthew 6:1-18, Jeremiah 23:24, Luke 6:27-28


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Troy Champ, Inside Out, Matthew 5:6, Matthew 23:5, Matthew 6:1-18, Jeremiah 23:24, Luke 6:27-28, Keep Our Good Deeds to Ourselves

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