“A Double Portion of God’s Peace”

SPEAKER: Margaret Feinberg

Did you know an olive tree can live to be thousands of years old? Olive trees are a symbol of peace not only in the bible, but throughout all our world. When Noah released a dove from the arc to discover if the waters had receded, the dove returned with an olive leaf in its beak. Olive leaves and branches have adorned the heads of Olympic athletes since the game’s origin. There are even olive trees that have been alive since Jesus sat among them the night of His betrayal.

How can that possibly be? How does a tree live to be thousands of years old?

Even if an olive tree is neglected, ignored, left un-watered, or even if it becomes so overgrown it can’t produce fruit … if someone will come along and add water and prune back the branches, the tree will come alive again.

If we can find that level or resilience, that level of forgiveness in this symbolic tree, what life can we find hidden in the darkest and most neglected parts of our own lives? The power of Christ’s love and work in our own lives and the lives of those around us is the same as the work done to revive the life of an olive tree. When others may see no chance, no hope, Christ sprouts new life in us that we may flourish again. No matter the storm or struggle, God’s peace is already planted there. Whether these words find you reeling or rejoicing today, whether you’re celebrating or sad, may the God of peace give you a double portion of his peace for your journey.

Primary text: Genesis 8:8
Other texts in this message: Luke 22:39


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