Love your neighbor as yourself! At Capital, we believe serving in our local community is an essential part of our journey with Jesus. We believe God asks us to use our lives to demonstrate compassion and to see our character transformed as a result.

We take a holistic approach to serving the community by seeking to develop long-term relationships with partners who meet the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional needs of individuals and communities. You can email us at info@capitalchurch.com to get a list of our compassion partners that have been vetted and approved by the Capital Compassion Finance Committee and Capital Board. You may also give financially to these organizations through designated giving at Capital. When writing a check simply list the organization in the memo line, or when giving online use the “missions” box to let us know you would like the money to go to the designated organization you want to support.

To serve or get on the distribution list to find out about upcoming serving opportunities, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Our church community places tremendous trust in Capital’s endorsements of organizations and ministries, and so our compassion finance team has worked diligently to select effective partners. If you are looking for service projects or a ministry to come along side, and are wondering who might be a good fit for you or your group, please contact outreach@capitalchurch.com. Thanks so much for your heart for the community and your desire to help!